A mental and practical tool for peaceful relations 

A mental and practical tool for
peaceful relations

I have a master degree in Ethnology from The University of Gothenburg, I'm a published author and I'm specialized in the cultural aspects of conflict resolution. I have mostly worked in the field of Sales, Marketing and PR.

I invented QSHAC, which is a mental and practical tool for peaceful relations.

By switching from steps in a Staircase of Violence to a Staircase of Peace, you will work miracles in your daily social life.

Switch from Accusations to Questions, from Insults to Suggestions, from Threats to Honesty, from Control to Agreements and from Conflict to Consequences. 

I will guide you through deep breathing and cold showers online, that will give you inner control - and during sessions I will reprogram your mindset through questions and direct responses to your answers.

Book 10 sessions and pay in advance, to be sure that you will follow through: 1224,93 USD, 1015 EURO, 10343 SEK.
Paypal: bobbosundgren@live.se 

Swish: 123 090 59 19

Plusgiro: 95 19 91-9

E-mail: bobbo@talktrigging.com 

Phone: +46707 90 39 25

Greetings Earthlings/Bobbo Sundgren.