Educated ethnologist and copywriter that invented TALKTRIGGING™

Hi! My name is Bobbo Sundgren. I’m the founder of TALKTRIGGING™ and I wrote the book Så blev jag ett av Sveriges värsta nättroll (That’s how I became one of the worst internet trolls of Sweden), that was published in january 2020 on Pug Förlag. Bibliotekstjänst (Libraryservice) gives my book the grade 3 out of 5, which represents "good" (published in i BTJ-häftet nr 6, 2020. Lektör: Mikael Johansson). 

I’m an educated ethnologist and copywriter and I’ve been researching peoples reactions to content on social media for many years. I’ve been working on Universal Avenue as a Brand Specialist. I’ve also been working as a business developer at Copyfabriken (The Copy factory) and Head of communication at HXP Sweden AB.