Produces marketing videos for social media

Marketing videos for social media have to be short, draw attention, expose emotions and have a tone, that engages the followers. The video above is created by our Art Director David Sundgren. 

Your brands followers on Facebook and Instagram are the most important asset for your marketing: The likes, shares and comments of the followers generate a relevant reach within the target audience. Videos in general give the best reach. If the videos also engages wide segments of overactive users, even more people within the target audience can be reached.


We are specialized
in creating a tone, that triggers engagement. TALKTRIGGING™ is a Swedish brand with an international language: A tone thats hits the Heart.

Strategy: The foundation of our strategy is that your brands Facebook- and Instagrampage need to be feeded by four fresh videos per month. 

Music: Our Art Director David Sundgren produces his own music and adds it to the videos.

Ethics: Our videos are factual and positive. By publishing them on your brands pages, you mark them as marketing. 

Deliverance and payment: We deliver the videos by Dropbox-links in mails. You download and upload the videos on your brands pages. You pay within 10 days after the order.

Below: A video created by our Art Director David Sundgren.